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What we Want vs. What YOU Want!


We specialize in all things YOU!  We want to make YOUR dreams come true so we are working  to put YOUR signature on the event, not ours.  No matter what type of setting you want, we will bring a dish to match.  There will be no problems combining our interests with yours when our interest is you.  Let us worry about filling you and your guests' stomachs so that you can enjoy your special evening and make everlasting memories. 



"KEVIN Makes the best food it melts in your mouth and is always tender!!!"  ~Rosie Branch

"The best. Kev's Catering catered all major life events for me ; engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, g...ender reveal for our baby due in January and countless birthdays. Great customer service and the food is great. He never lets me down!!! I just wish he opened a place in PG county, closer to me!"  ~Ericka Moten

Customer Reviews

  I am Kevin Branch and  I want to make your dreams become a reality!  Any and all events are possible with Kev's Catering.  My crew and I just want to make sure everything plays out the way it should.

"Chef Kevin catered an event for my place of employment and did a phenomenal job! He was prompt, professional, reasonably... priced and the food was Delicious!! In fact, people are Still talking about his turkey burgers and the event was held back in August!!"  ~Tori Amos