Kev's Catering


Hungry Yet?

We specialize in authentic soul food using the freshest of vegetables and herbs!  If we were to make a full menu, there wouldn't be nearly enough room on one page to show you what we are capable of.  And so, to be fair, if you aren't sure if we have something you want, contact us and let us know! 

Here at Kev's Catering, we have a wide range of special treats just for you!  Curry chicken?  Check it off your list.  Seafood?  Mhmm one of our favorites: Check!  Rum cake?  If you think you are ready: Check!  Teriyaki Chicken?  Check!  Whatever you need, we are here for you!

My signature salmon: Sauteed in olive oil with lemon and pepper seasoning and finally baked to perfection and topped with an imperial sauce served with wild rice and asparagus.

Delicious Chilean Sea Bass and fresh green beans!